• I'm a new writer/filmmaker but your Pitch Form asks for a link to my previous work - is pitching only open to established writers/filmmakers?

Pitching is open to anyone and everyone - especially new writers/filmmakers! We ask for a link to your previous work to get an idea of how well your skills/experience will be able to take you through the development/production process if your pitch is chosen. If you can link us to any relevant writing/production experience that's great and if not just write us a nice poem.

  • Is pitching open to film from outside the UK?

Yes! You're allowed to pitch an idea from anywhere in the world, However: if your pitch is selected and it looks like yo'll be unable to make it to London for development/production meetings/filming, then your role will have to be a remote one. So you could potentially write the script but it would obviously be more difficult to bring you on as director/actor/etc. Where do you see yourself in the production process? If you are interested in a more hands on role and would be unable to join us in London then perhaps this isn't the best opportunity for you at this time.

  • Can I/do I need to submit a script with my pitch?

At the moment, all we need from you is an idea as outlined in our Pitching Form. You may very well have a script written, but you don't need to submit it just yet!

  • Is there a specific length of short film you're looking for?

Just like our screening guidelines, we're looking for ideas that can be produced at 20 minutes or less. However, feasibility and producibility will factor in during the consideration process, £2.5K will go a long way on a 3 minute short idea vs a 15 minute short idea. We also want our first SLS film to have a good chance at being programmed in future film festivals and films that are too short or too long can sometimes lose out during programming, so keep that in mind as well when submitting your pitch!

Good Luck! 

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